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Some of the benefits of polyFIBRO:

Will Not Blister 

polyFIBRO thermo-polymer coating will not blister like traditional gel coatings and paints. 

Fill Immediately

Why wait over a week to fill your pool? Fill immediately and enjoy your fiberglass swimming pool. No more worrying about your pool floating, lifting, or popping out of the ground while empty during the gel-coat curing process.

A Truly Flexible Coating

Gel-coats and paints are very brittle when cured, movement in the pool shell can result in the coating cracking. polyFIBRO is a high flexible coating that can withstand the movement of the fiberglass pool shell, making it an ideal option for your residential or commercial pool resurfacing.

Pick A Color, Any Color

Re-Gel coating a pool limits you to light colors: white, baby-blue, tan, light grey etc...polyFIBRO can be applied in any color you choose from our standard ecoFINISH color pallet to custom colored coatings for both polyFIBRO and aquaBRIGHT installation. All standard polyFIBRO coatings are one amazing low price, so choose away and pick what you like and not what you can afford.

Easily Repairable 

New high gloss and multi-dimensional gel-coats are only able to be installed in new factory fiberglass pools. There is no ability to repair a pool damaged during installation, transport, or every day usage. polyFIBRO swimming pools and finishes are easily repairable unlike existing coatings.

Fiberglass Steps

polyFIBRO is the ideal product for refinishing fiberglass steps. You are now able to breathe new life in to your tired and worn insert steps, and match or accent your liner pools color.


Waterslide surfaces can get easily worn and become dulled overtime. Coating the surface with polyFIBRO is an easy solution to rejuvenate your slide leaving a smooth and beautiful looking coating.


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